What You Need to Know if You Carry a Knife for Personal Defense

No Lie blades is an official DOD contract organization and has trained as of Oct 5, 2013 over 11,424 operators. This video is for Law Enforcement and Military Defense tactics instructors, Martial Arts instructor and personal defense ready individuals looking to bring their knowledge to an expert level. This video is a peek at what No Lie Blades has to offer. Some of the things operators will want to know are: Knife function, Fit in hand, dominate hand, non dominate hand, ease of knife deployment, knife deployment style and tactics (mechanics), knife deployment speed, knife cost, edge type, steel type, concealment, sharpening, knife maintenance, Fixed vs folder style knife and many more... Get on our email list for an up and coming 100% money back guaranteed tactical edged weapons live or online course, email us at info@nolieblades.com and visit us at www.nolieblades.com. Also like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/nolieblades.