Shot Show 2015: DPx H.E.A.T. Hiker and Fixed Blade

DPx Knives are no nonsense with thick spines or thick liners in their folders

Shot Show 2015: DPx H.E.A.T. Hiker and Fixed Blade

DPx Gear blades (Photo courtesy of Lindsey Bertomen)

DPx Gear is by Robert Young Pelton, a person who has spent a little time in unfriendly territory. Besides being a curator of knives designed for bad places, he is well known as a writer. DPx Knives are pretty no nonsense. The new DPx H.E.A.T. Hiker and H.E.A.T. fixed blades are carved from S30V. I like this design because I prefer a deep belly, which has more usable edge than an angled cut “tactical” blade. 

All DPx blades have thick spines, or thick liners in their folders. The smaller ones like the new DPx H.E.A.T Fixed puts a little more weight into the hand, appropriate for camp chores, fire starting and harvesting food. The DPx H.E.A.T. Hiker is a cutout handle with a carbine clip. 

The sheath is kydex. It’s light enough for a bail out knife for water sports, like river rafting. It can double as a law enforcement backup, because it can be hung from the kydex sheath.