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Which MRE will you eat for dinner?

Nothing says delicious like meat in a cardboard box that can last for about five years. Which meal, ready-to-eat is on your menu tonight? In 5 questions, can we uncover your MRE craving?  <!--cke_bookmark_119S--><!--cke_bookmark_119E-->   More

Military vs. Mother Nature

Humans often think they have the upper hand on things. But, in regards to Mother Nature, you should never underestimate her. Some of these servicemen and women have learned this the hard way. More

Quiz: Are these guns real or fake?

Even the most weapon-savvy soldier will have their work cut out for them with this quiz. Can you answer all six questions correctly? Did you like this quiz? Here is another you might be interested in: Which famous battle were you meant to fight in?   More