Have you ever been disrespected for your military service?

Veterans talk about their experiences where their time in the military was questioned

Have you ever been disrespected for your military service?

Man thanks soldier for his service. (Photo/Flickr)

By Military1 Staff

A question recently posted on Quora asked, "Have you ever been disrespected for your military service?" Check out these answers and keep the discussion going. Add your own thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Anthony Ricci, U.S. Navy, Marine and Army veteran

My Marine Corps service was insulted once. I was newly discharged from active duty, and working in an emergency department.  A big fat guy, another tech, asked me “What branch were you in?” I told him I was in the Marines.  The guy said, “I tried to get in the Marines, but the recruiters asked me who my mother was, and I knew. So they sent me to the Navy.”

We both had one hell of a laugh at that, the sort of joke service members can get away with easily.

Aside from that, I have been almost embarrassed by the positive comments and respect I’ve received for my military service, going all the way back to my first days of active service in 1984.

Madelene Zarifa, U.S. Army veteran

I've found that if you sit in the VFW for longer than, say, 25 minutes, some of the old timers from the branches you weren't in, will get around to insulting not only your service, but the entire branch you served in.

This will go on until everyone present has been duly insulted, and then we can all get back to drinking and playing Bingo.

The reaction is usually a bunch of grizzly old Vets buying other grizzly old Vets a round.

I hope this is helpful.

Andrew Redmayne, veteran

Most folks know it is probably not healthy going around making a habit of verbally assaulting people who have been trained to do violence, unless they are drunk, drugged or deranged (the dreaded three Ds).

Since I left the Army in 2004, there was the occasional smartass questions and remarks that served to indicate the speaker had very little respect for the military but I have over the years learnt to deal with it with wit instead of my fists.

Q: “How many women/children did you kill in Iraq?”
A: “Hmm… I don’t know for sure, the people I shot at were shooting at me from pretty far away. They could have been lawyers (or whatever the guy’s profession) for all I know.”