How to use social media for your post-military job search

Looking for a job is a whole different ballgame with the amount of information available at the touch of a button

How to use social media for your post-military job search

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By Rachel Engel
Military1 Staff

Chances are, if you’re separating or retiring from the military, you’re not unaware of the importance of technology and social media in today’s world. You may not be on every single platform, but it’s assumed nearly everyone has some kind of web presence.

What you may not know, however, is the depth to which you can use the ever-growing number of social media applications to aid in your job search after separating from the service.

Harness the power of LinkedIn in your job search

Known as the top professional networking website, LinkedIn can do more than just showcase your resume to potential employers. The site also has an extensive job opening database where you can search for potential positions, some of which offer you an opportunity to reach out to the job poster and ask questions.

Through their more premium, paid versions, LinkedIn users can add a badge to their profile, letting hiring managers know they are open to employment. These premium versions also offer other benefits, such as comparing your listed skills with those of any job posting you click on.

To use LinkedIn to the fullest extent, make sure you:

  • Keep your profile up to date
  • Highlight your most recent experience and skills
  • Add a professional-looking photo
  • Garner connections
  • Research job opportunities and potential employers

Find out what the company is about before an interview

After landing an interview, you must do your research. Not only should you do a quick Wikipedia glance over the history of the company, you should also have a significant understanding of the company’s culture. Thirty years ago, this would have been harder to accomplish, but today, with arguably every company offering a web presence, it’s never been easier.

Check out the Facebook and Twitter feeds of the company to see how they conduct themselves in the public sphere. Do they have an active blog that provides company updates? That can provide valuable insight into their current direction as a business. Having this information may serve you well when you’re sitting in front of an interviewers, and can reference a recent acquisition or decision they’ve made that you read about while researching. It shows that you’re engaged and interested, all thing a hiring manager loves to see.

Scrub your social media accounts until they sparkle

Harnessing social media in a job search is not only about researching potential employers; it’s also making sure that your accounts reflect the best, most hirable version of you. Most people understand this means making sure pictures of drunken nights on the town with friends are unavailable to be seen by the public, but it also means being aware of the comments made on public comments sections that could potentially be seen by a prospective employer.

Search for yourself on the internet and see what comes up. Are you embarrassed by any of the results? Would you be embarrassed for your mother to see any of the results? Then they need to go. Take the steps necessary so when your name is searched for, the only thing found is a professional individual looking for a job.