4 things you didn't know about Agent Orange

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty Over many centuries, various armies have created and deployed all sorts of weapons to be used against their enemies on the battlefield. Some of these inventive weapons go under modifications and come out the other end even bigger and more bad ass than before. On the flip side, some old school engineers and scientists get froggy and develop a liquid mixture that they don't fully understand before they let it loose into enemy territory. Once such infamous mixture that is s ... More

Vietnam vets recall a war they couldn't win

Greg Stiles Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore. Larry Slessler was a young Air Force intelligence officer in August 1964 when the Tonkin Gulf Crisis escalated a regional civil war on the far side of the planet into front-page news for the next decade. The following March he was on the ground in Vietnam, playing his role in "winning the hearts and minds" of the Vietnamese people. But in doing so, Slessler found himself in another conflict — the intra-service rivalry for appropriation funds, one th ... More

Lawmakers join Vietnam vets in call for action on parasite disease

Martin C. Evans Newsday Local members of Congress are pressing for answers about liver fluke, a river parasite that infected untold numbers of soldiers in Vietnam a half century ago, and which may be killing some of those veterans now. Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-Glen Cove) on Wednesday asked the chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs to hold a hearing “on the links between our veterans’ military service, liver fluke infection and bile-duct cancer.” “The ties between a veteran ... More

5 life lessons today's troops could learn from Vietnam vets

By Eric Milzarski We Are The Mighty It’s easy to look at different eras of veterans and write them off as coming a different time, a different place, a different war. The truth is, the old Vietnam vet you met at the Legion while trying to get cheap drinks isn’t all that different from our men and women fighting today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Toss a drink or two his way and share some stories. Life sucks in the sandbox, but things in the jungle weren’t any better. Whether you’re out t ... More